v0.5 Changelog
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From: Sunderland, GB
- Rebrand to FitMonstr
- Fixed search bar from not going out of focus
- Updated logo
- Updated front page structure
- Links now clickable for exercises and supplements on on the front page
- Image upload to supplements page
- Remove "Add price source" button for price locator for all retailers besides amazon
- Fixed image errors occurring on the price history page
- Removed percentage price change on price history page due to bug
- Fixed menu when viewing on a mobile device
- Terms of service have been updated
- Some page titles have been fixed as they were not showing up.
- Rules have been updated
- Social media links have been updated
- Footer has been updated to show various links
- About Us, Our Goal, Partners, Business, Contact & Support, Cookies have been added to the footer
- Added security on image upload to ensure no malicious files get uploaded to the server.
- Removed recommendation link temporarily because users could not reccomend a review correctly.
- Nutritional Information on supplements page has been fixed to show the correct information per 100g
- Food section has been removed in its entirety.
- Front page "Whats new" section now correlates with what has been posted on the announcement section in the forum
- Ability to edit forum topics (editing forum posts will come soon)
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