v0.3 Changelog
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v0.3 Changelog

- Advanced filtering system on supplements page
- Fixed page numbering issues
- BBCode enabled on forums
- Added price history and price chart for supplements
- Added website footer
- Added links to social media
- Back end edits
- Temporarily disabled achievements and progress on users profile until the feature is available.
- Fixed design error that caused footer to overlap half the page.
- Supplements info can now be edited by any user
- Food info can now be edited by any user
- Exercise info can now be edited by any user
- Updated terms of service, cookie policy and rules.
- Added about us page, partner page and business page.
- Creating a topic automatically selects the section you were on
- Fixed bugs that did not allow you to view certain supplements
- Shows the user rating next to review on supplements
- Fixed avatar error that occurs on the top menu bar if the avatar is too large
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